Sustainable Peace: The Role of the Un and Regional Organizations in Preventing Conflict

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This book argues that the most sustainable means of promoting peace within states is the development of good governance, which can address the root causes of conflict and meet basic human security needs. Good governance offers groups a 'voice' in resolving grievances at an early stage before they grow into major problems, safeguards human rights, and promotes a fairer distribution of resources.


Chapter 1 Foreword by David A. Hamburg Part 2 Part I. Contemporary Conflict and Sustainable Peace Chapter 3 The Second Half of the Twentieth Century Chapter 4 The Goal of Sustainable Peace Chapter 5 Diagnosing Contemporary Conflict Chapter 6 Finding Structural Solutions to Conflict Part 7 Part II. The Role of the UN, Regional Organizations, and NGOs in Promoting Sustainable Peace Chapter 8 The United Nations Chapter 9 The Council of Europe Chapter 10 The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Chapter 11 The Organization of American States Chapter 12 The Organization of African Unity Chapter 13 The Association of Southeast Asian Nations Chapter 14 The Developing Role of Nongovernmental Organizations Part 15 Part III. Organizing for Sustainable Peace Chapter 16 Sharing Responsibility in Conflict Prevention Chapter 17 Regional Centers for Sustainable Peace Chapter 18 The First Half of the Twenty-first Century: Promoting Good Governance Regionally and Internationally


Connie Peck is coordinator of the Fellowship Program in Peacemaking and Preventive Diplomacy, which is cosponsored by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research and the International Peace Academy.


This is a vitally important contribution to the debate about preventive diplomacy, early responses to incipient violent conflict, and medium- to long-term peace-building and peacemaking processes. -- Kevin P. Clements, director, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University A thoroughly informative, indeed, a dazzling tour d'horizon of new regional actors in preventive diplomacy. -- Michael W. Doyle, Princeton University ...containing as it does a wealth of valuable and interesting information for the student of conflict and conflict prevention. -- Michael O'Connor, Executive Director, Australia Defence Association Ethnic Conflict Research Digest Provides, first, a well-informed and down-to-earth macro-level analysis of the non-coercive conflict prevention mechanisms that are already operating in different parts of the world, and, secondly, a useful synthesis of those uncoordinated mechanisms in the form of a concrete institutional proposal. Peck should be congratulated for this valuable contribution to the conflict prevention literature. Pacific Review This book is an instance of peace research, and a very good one, too. Terrorism and Political Violence This is a very comprehensive survey of the existing organizations working to build sustainable peace. A network of interlocking institutions would indeed be an excellent way of building capacity and institutionalizing knowledge and practice of conflict prevention. -- Olara A. Otunnu, president, International Peace Academy
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