Moral Theory of Political Reconciliation

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This book discusses the difficulties arising from civil conflict and repression, and how to proceed in repairing political relationships within transitional societies.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. Conceptual Frameworks: 1. The rule of law; 2. Political trust; 3. Capabilities; Part II. Promoting Political Reconciliation: 4. Evaluating processes of political reconciliation; 5. Truth commissions; 6. International criminal trials; Conclusion; Bibliography.


Colleen Murphy is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Review of the hardback: 'What is needed for the reconstruction of political relationships in societies that have been torn apart by deadly conflicts? Colleen Murphy has answered this question in a path-breaking book that is essential reading for anyone concerned to understand the rule of law and the place of trust in our shared social lives.' Alasdair MacIntyre, University of Notre Dame Review of the hardback: 'A Moral Theory of Political Reconciliation is far and away the best treatment of political reconciliation in a growing literature on this hot topic. Murphy has mastered this literature, distilled it, and set it off against her own views, which, to my mind, are better than the extant views. I would single out her discussion of the concepts of reconciliation, rule of law, and trust, as especially meritorious; I learned an enormous amount from them. The book is a tour-de-force, setting out a new way to think of reconciliation and arguing at length against all of the major alternative approaches.' Larry May, Vanderbilt University
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