Moral Education

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November 2005



Though divine command is rejected as a source of moral justification, the possible contribution of some religious traditions to moral education is sympathetically considered. Fashionable relativism and recent moves towards inculcatory authoritarianism are both firmly rejected. The argument is philosophically rigorous throughout. Contemporary issues addressed include the links between personal morality and citizenship, including world citizenship, family values and sexual morality. A final chapter considers some of the practical concerns of the moral educator. The language is lucid and concise and, though written with professional philosophers of education andteacher educators in mind, the text will be readily accessible to practising teachers and those in training, as well as to members of the general public concerned for the moral education of the next generation.


Introduction Part 1 - Preliminary Considerations. Responding to a Moral crisis. The Scope of Moral Education. Morality and Religion. The Status of Moral Judgements. The Development of Moral Reasoning. Part 2 - Moral Theories and Moral Education Maximising Happiness. Rights and Rationality. Virtues. Communitarianism. Caring. Morality One or Many? The outcomes of Moral Education. Part 3. Moral Education in the Modern World. Sexual Morality. Families and Family Life. Moral Education and Citizenship. And Global Citizenship? Moral Education in Practice. Bibliography. Index
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