The Book of God: Secularization and Design in the Romantic Era

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November 2006



""The Book of God" manages to be at once ambitious, deliberate, and nuanced in its interconnecting conceptions of philosophy and literary criticism."--Orrin Wang, University of Maryland


Preface Introduction. Nature is the Book of God Chapter 1. The Argument Against Design from Deism to Blake Chapter Two. Arbitrary Acts of Mind: Natural Theology in Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion Chapter Three. Theory, Practice, and Anna Barbauld Chapter Four. Natural Designs: William Paley, Immanuel Kant, and the Power of Analogy Chapter Five. Mansfield Park and the End of Natural Theology Chapter Six. Wordsworth: The Shape of Analogy Chapter Seven. Reading With a Worthy Eye: Secularization and Evil Chapter Eight. Religion Three Ways Afterword. Intelligent Design and Religious Ignoramuses; or, the Difference between Theory and Literature Endnotes Bibliography Index Acknowledgments


Colin Jager teaches English at Rutgers University.


"Essential reading for anyone interested in how the recent reevaluations of the secularization thesis affect our understanding of Romanticism... Jager's emphasis on the rhetoric of design and the literary production of a diffuse feeling of intentionality helpfully expands our understanding of the range of responses to modernity within the Romantic Age."-Studies in Romanticism "An erudite, refreshing study of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century concept of intentional design that rethinks the equation of romanticism, modernity, and secularization underwriting romantic studies for the last fifty years. The Book of God manages to be at once ambitious, deliberate, and nuanced in its interconnecting conceptions of philosophy and literary criticism."-Orrin Wang, University of Maryland "The claim that God's existence can be inferred from the order and intricacy of the world has an ancient lineage. The Book of God explores the literary, philosophical, and theological inflection of this avowal in the context of encroaching secularism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries... It is a timely work, for the historical survey bears also on contemporary discussion. Some recent commentators have made much of the alleged incompatibly between science and religion. Colin Jager's sensitivity to the complexity of 'secularization' serves to subvert this binary thinking."-Times Literary Supplement
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