Political Analysis: Contemporary Controversies

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April 2002



Following an innovative introduction to the main approaches and concepts in political analysis, the text focuses thematically on the key issues which currently concern and divide political analysts, including the boundaries of the political; the question of structure, agency and power; the dynamics of political change; the relative significance of ideas and material factors; and the challenge posed by postmodernism which the author argues the discipline can strengthen itself by addressing without allowing it to become a recipe for paralysis.


Analytical Perspectives, Analytical Controversies
What's Political about Political Science?
Beyond Structure versus Agency: Context versus Conduct
Continuity and Discontinuity in the Analysis of Political Change
Divided by a Common Language? Conceptualising Power
The Discursive and the Ideational in Contemporary Political Analysis: Beyond Materialism and Idealism
The Challenge of Postmodernism
Conclusion: Critical-Political-Analytical


'A truly excellent and enormously useful volume which provides a remarkably coherent and powerful synthesis of an enormous body of literature. Political Analysis does more than simply summarize previous work in comparative politics and international relations, it genuinely moves the debate forward.
Whether or not one accepts Professor Hay's call for a constructivist
institutionalism (and he offers many good reasons why we should) this
is a book that all students of politics must take seriously.' - Sven Steinmo,
University of Colorado, Boulder
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