Adult Language Acquisition: Volume 1, Field Methods: Cross-Linguistic Perspectives

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Juli 1993



These two volumes present the methodology and results of an international research project on second language acquisition. The project studied the structure and success of the acquisition process in adult learners, and the explanatory factors behind these phenomena. It places the study of second languages and inter-ethnic discourse on a firm empirical footing. Volume I explains and evaluates critically the research design adopted by the project. Volume II summarizes the crosslinguistic results.


1. Aims of the ESF project; 2. Previous longitudinal studies; 3. Who are the adult immigrants?; 4. Research areas: some communicative tasks for the learner; 5. Research design; 6. Data collection techniques; 7. Transcription, storage and retrieval of data; 8. Measuring language acquisition; Appendices; References.


"All in all, this was clearly a valuable project whose results will be referred to widely. The two volumes will be of particular interest to acquisition researchers working within a functional framework." Canadian Journal of Linguistics
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