Napoleon: Conquest, Reform and Reorganisation

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November 2014



Almost two centuries after the death of Napoleon, historians continue to argue about his aims, his achievements and his legacy. This book provides an accessible introduction to the life and career of Napoleon as well as the historical debates surrounding him. In this thoroughly revised and updated new edition, Clive Emsley broadens his study to include the debate on the cultural and social impact of the Napoleonic era. Includinga Chronology, Glossary,Who's Who of key charactersand a wide selection of primary source documents, this is an indispensable textbook for students of nineteenth-century French and European history.


Part One: Introduction
1. 'My History is made up of facts, and words alone cannot destroy them' Part Two: Narrative and Analysis
2. The Career and the Man
3. Reorganising France
4. Reorganising Europe Part Three: Assessment
5. The Legacy Part Four: Documents Part Five: Glossary, Maps, Who's Who, Bibliography


Clive Emsley is Professor Emeritus of History at the Open University. He is co-editor of the Seminar Studies series. Among his publications are The Longman Companion to Napoleonic Europe (1993) and Gendarmes and the State in Nineteenth-Century Europe (1999).
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