Constructing Usable Shopping Carts: Designing and Building Great E-Commerce Applications

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April 2004



* Full code provided for two complete shopping cart applications, customizable for your own needs.
* Learn all about how to make your web applications secure.


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Clifton Evans practices user interface design and information architecture. He has been active in this industry for more than nine years. Clifton's experience covers writing and public speaking through to UI and IA on investment tools, legal publishing and real estate systems. His clients have also covered the spectrum, from music and fashion, to FTSE and Blue Chip. He is a regular contributor to, the premier resource for Information Architects.
Jody Kerr is a web architect and developer focusing on e-learning web systems and e-business web applications. He works with a slew of technologies as a generalist programmer, idea geek and coffee boy.
Jon Stephens is an itinerant American technical writer, reviewer and site developer. He has co-written more than five books on web development, including Usable Forms for the Web, released in 2002 and Constructing Usable Web Menus, out in January 2004.

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