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In this collection of personal and revealing essays, Clifford Geertz, one of the most influential thinkers of our time, discusses some of the most urgent issues facing intellectuals today. He explores the nature of his anthropological work in relation to a broader public, serving as the foremost spokesperson of his generation of scholars, those who came of age after World War II. His reflections are written in a style that both entertains and disconcerts as they engage us in topics ranging from moral relativism to the relationship between cultural and psychological differences, from the diversity and tension among activist faiths to "ethnic conflict" in today's politics. Available Light treats the reader to an analysis of the American intellectual climate by someone who did much to shape it.


Preface ix Acknowledgments xv
I. Passage and Accident: A Life of Learning 3 Overture 3 The Bubble 3 Changing the Subject 11 Waiting Time 19
II. Thinking as a Moral Act: Ethical Dimensions of Anthropological Fieldwork in the New States 21
III. Anti Anti-Relativism 42
IV. The Uses of Diversity 68
V. The State of the Art 89 Waddling In 89 Culture War 97 Deep Hanging Out 107 History and Anthropology 118 "Local Knowledge" and Its Limits 133
VI. The Strange Estrangement: Charles Taylor and the Natural Sciences 143
VII. The Legacy of Thomas Kuhn: The Right Text at the Right Time 160
VIII. The Pinch of Destiny: Religion as Experience, Meaning, Identity, Power 167
IX. Imbalancing Act: Jerome Bruner's Cultural Psychology 187
X. Culture, Mind, Brain / Brain, Mind, Culture 203
XI.The World in Pieces: Culture and Politics at the End of the Century 218 The World in Pieces 218 What Is a Country if It Is Not a Nation? 231 What Is a Culture if It Is Not a Consensus? 240 Index 205


"Available Light reflects an eminent scholar's mature insights into the state of anthropology after it has lost much of its former prestige..."--Library Journal "An important contribution to how we think and live in the world today."--Publishers Weekly "This is a provocative look at the human race (and the study thereof) by a man who has seen more of it than most."--Kirkus Reviews "The essays and personal history contained in Available Light distill the continuing vitality, honesty, and acumen of an intellectual... [Geertz's] clarity, humor, and insight never give way to the flattened tone of pedagogue."--Paul-Jonathan Benson, The Boston Book Review "Mr. Geertz's most recent collection of papers and lectures ... makes the peculiarities of his profession still more pronounced. What, he asks, is anthropology really about? ... Isn't the anthropologist doomed to misinterpret another culture? Is any universal judgement possible? ... So the anthropologist stands at a troubled crossroads... In one direction is the world of culture, diverse and unimaginably complex; in the other is the world of nature, immutable and universal."--Edward Rothstein, New York Times "Lucid, provocative and playful... The book is impeccably written--droll, animated, and bright in both senses of the word--and should enlighten lay readers as well as specialists."--Lionel Shriver, The Guardian "Available Light is deeply moving."--T.M. Luhrmann, Times Literary Supplement "Anthropology has never been so central or so widely read within the academy; and anthropologists have never been so insecure. In this context of moral insecurity, Available Light is deeply moving."--T. M. Luhrmann, Times Literary Supplement "I am a fan of Geertz because he is one of the world's most effective proponents of cultural, moral, and scientific pluralism... His new book ... is a welcome, predictably fascinating, and very elucidative exposition of Geertz's brand of pluralism... Gripping."--Richard A. Shweder, Science "Geertz once again makes an important contribution to how we think and live in the world today."--Publishers Weekly "This book is impeccably written--droll, animated, and bright in both senses of the word--and should enlighten lay readers as well as specialists... Lucid, provocative, and playful."--Lionel Shriver, Guardian
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