Abhb/ Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries: Volume 24: Publications of 1993 and Additions from the Preceding Years

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November 1995



This twenty-fourth volume of ABHB (Annual bibliography of the history of the printed book and libraries) contains 4247 records, selected from some 1600 periodicals, the list of which follows this introduction. They have been compiled by the National Committees of the following countries: Latin America Arab Countries Australia Latvia Austria Luxembourg Belarus The Netherlands Belgium Norway Canada Poland Croatia Portugal Estonia Rumania Finland Russia France South Africa Germany Spain Great Britain Sweden Hungary Switzerland Iceland Ukrain Ireland (Republic of) USA Italy Benevolent readers are requested to signal the names of bibliographers and historians from countries not mentioned above, who would be willing to co­ operate to this scheme of international bibliographic collaboration. The edi­ tor will greatly appreciate any communication on this matter. Subject As has been said in the introduction to the previous volumes, this bibliography aims at recording all books and articles of scholarly value which relate to the history of the printed book, to the history of the arts, crafts, techniques and equipment, and of the economic, social and cultural environment, involved in its production, distribution, conservation, and description. Of course, the ideal of a complete coverage is nearly impossible to attain. However, it is the policy of this publication to include missing items as much as possible in the forthcoming volumes. The same applies to countries newly added to the bibliography.


Introduction. List of Periodicals.
A: General Works about the History of the Printed Book and Library.
B: Paper, Inks, Printing Materials.
C: Calligraphy, Type Design, Typefounding.
D: Layout, Composing, Printing, Presses, Printed Books, incl. Incunabula, etc.
E: Book Illustration.
F: Bookbinding.
G: Book Trade, Publishing.
H: Bibliophily, Bookcollecting. J: Libraries, Librarianship, Scholarship, Institutions. K: Legal, Economic, Social Aspects. L: Newspapers, Journalism. M: Relation to Secondary Subjects mainly in order of DC. Index
I: Authors' Names and Anonyms. Index II: Geographical and Personal Names.
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