Shannon Miller: My Child, My Hero

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April 1999



Shannon Miller has truly lived the American Dream - its drama and disappointment, its hope and joy. Written by her mother, this profusely illustrated story of Shannon's journey to Olympic fame is also the portrait of a family working together to help a child achieve a difficult, challenging goal. We journey with the Miller family through Shannon's training and achievements, struggles and injuries, to her dramatic comeback. In the 1992 Olympics, she won five medals. And in 1996, despite media declarations that she was no longer competitive, Shannon performed brilliantly - leading the women's gymnastics team to first place and winning a gold medal for her performance on the balance beam. We also come to understand the strength of faith and the sense of pride, dedication, and commitment that move Shannon to share her success through charitable work and community service, and we learn more about how to love and nurture the "heros" within our own children.

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