Merchants, Traders, Entrepreneurs: Indian Business in the Colonial Period

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This book deals with three main aspects of the history of Indian business: The relationship between business and politics, the position of merchants and businessmen in the economy and society of late colonial India, and how particular merchant networks extended the range of their operations to the entire subcontinent and the wider world.


PART I: Business and Politics
Congress Policy Towards Business in the Pre-Independence Era
Indian Business and the Congress Provincial Governments 1937â¿¿1939
Businessmen and the Partition of India
PART II: Entrepreneurship and Society
Muslim Businessmen in South Asia, c. 1900â¿¿1950
Bombay as a Business Centre in the Colonial Period: A Comparison with Calcutta
The Tata Paradox
Merchants, Entrepreneurs, and the Middle Classes in Twentieth-Century India
PART III: Merchant Networks
Merchant Circulation in South Asia (Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries): The Rise of Pan-Indian Merchant Networks
Indian Merchant Networks Outside India in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: A Preliminary Survey
Epilogue: Returning the Merchant to South Asian History?


CLAUDE MARKOVITS is Directeur de Recherche (Senior Research Fellow) at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France. His publications include Indian Business and Nationalist Politics (1985), The Global World of Indian Merchants (2000), and The Un-Gandhian Gandhi. He edited A History of Modern India 1480-1950 (2002).  


'Merchants, Traders, Entrepreneurs gives us a comprehensive understanding of the historical development of the mercantile as well as the entrepreneurial world of modern South Asian and greatly helps in providing a longer and wider perspective on the Indian political economy under an ongoing liberal economic policy.' - The International of Journal and Asian Studies, Vol. 7 2010
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