Reclaiming the Great Commission: A Practical Model for Transforming Denominations and Congregations

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Reclaiming the Great Commission describes a biblically based model that can restore the missionary power of first-century Christianity to twenty-first century denominations and their congregations. Based on shared vision and mission, the model can guide the members of any congregation or denomination into deeper and broader evangelism, an enhanced experience of community, and a renewed hope of personal and spiritual transformation.


Contents. 1. Spiritual Hunger in America. 2. The Great Commission. 3. The New Apostolic Age. 4. Denominational Crisis, Denominational Opportunity. 5. The New Apostolic Denomination. 6. Implementing the Vision. 7. Changing Organizational Structure and Culture. 8. Managing Change. 9. Making Disciples. 10. Developing Congregations. 11. Missionary Congregations. 12. Apostolate of the Laity. 13. Apostolate of the Clergy. 14. Judicatory Leaders in the Missionary Church. 15. Communications and Technology. 16. Outreach, Christian Education, and Youth Ministry. Epilogue. References. The Authors. The Diocese of Texas. Index.


BISHOP CLAUDE E. PAYNE, D.D., has been the Episcopal Bishop of Texas since 1995, after having served as long-term rector of two Texas congregations. He lives in Houston, Texas. HAMILTON BEAZLEY, Ph.D., is associate professor of administrative sciences at The George Washington University. His areas of expertise are servant-leadership, emotional intelligence, and spirituality in organizations. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.


"Payne has become known as an expert in church missions and growth with the publication of his book "Reclaiming the Great Commission." (Houston, TX Chronicle, 2/2/02) "Readers looking for a how-to guide will not be disappointed." (Anglican Theological Review, 3/02)
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