Nationalism and the Nation in the Iberian Peninsula: Competing and Conflicting Identities

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November 1996



Nationalism has recently been the focus of considerable interest, but relatively little is known about nation-building and competing identities in Spain and Portugal. In examining the roots of Iberian nationalism, and the conflicts and tensions which have come to the fore in the twentieth century, this timely collection offers a broad interdisciplinary base and socio-historical context through which to understand the region's nationalist challenges. Topics include:
- how nationalism is constructed and used as a tool by political groups;
- how language is used as a nationalist emblem; and
- how cultural representations of nationalism manifest themselves at both a popular level and at the level of elites.
This book will provide a welcome addition to Iberian studies and invaluable insights for students and specialists alike.


Contents: Angel Smith and Clare Mar-Molinero, The Myths and Realities of Nation-Building in the Iberian Peninsula -- Part One: Centrist State-Building: The Imposition of a 'National' Hegemony -- Abdool Karim A. Vakil, Nationalising Cultural Politics: Representations of the Portuguese 'Discoveries' and the Rhetoric of Identitarianism, 1880-1926 -- Alan Freeland, The People and the Poet: Portuguese National Identity and the Camoes Tercentenary (1880) -- Clare Mar-Molinero, The Role of Language in Spanish Nation-Building -- Jose Alvarez Junco, The Nation-Building Process in Spanish Nineteenth-Century Spain -- Sebastian Balfour, 'The Lion and the Pig': Nationalism and National Identity in Fin-de-Siecle Spain -- Francisco J. Romero Salvado, The Failure of the Liberal Project of the Spanish Nation-State, 1909-1938 -- Helen Graham, Community, Nation and State in Republican Spain, 1931-1938 -- Michael Richards, Constructing the Nationalist State: Self-Sufficiency and Regeneration in the Early Franco Years -- Part Two: The Nationalist and Regionalist Counter-Consciousness: Competing and Conflicting Identities -- Angel Smith, Sardana, Zarzuela or Cake Walk? Nationalism and Internationalism in the Discourse, Practice and Culture of the Early Twentieth-Century Barcelona Labour Movement -- Josep R. Llobera, The Role of Commemorations in (Ethno)Nation-Building: The Case of Catalonia -- Jeremy MacClancy, Bilingualism and Multinationalism in the Basque Country -- Benjamin Tejerina Montana, Language and Basque Nationalism: Collective Identity, Social Conflict and Institutionalisation -- Tracy Henderson, Language and Identity in Galicia: The Current Orthographic Debate -- Part Three: Supra-National Structures and the European Union -- Alan Whitehead, Spain, European Regions and City States


Ms Clare Mar-Molinero Lecturer in Spanish Socio-linguistics,University of Southampton Angel Smith University of Leeds


'Despite its enormous importance, nationalism in Spain has been so neglected by scholars that the useful collection edited by Claire Mar-Molinero and Angel Smith is a pioneering initiative.' Paul Preston, Times Literary Supplementn.b. Angel Smith pointed out his preference for using this quote, naming Paul Preston, for future marketing'this book makes a valuable contribution in an area where sources in English are quite sparse.'Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies'the appearance of this book ... is excellent news for students of Iberian nationalisms. [...] It is, in short, a work of a great academic interest. I hope, then, that it receives the attention it deserves and becomes a pioneering model for others.'Journal of Multiligual and Multicultural Development'Just over three decades ago, writing of the 'eight Spains', Juan Linz and Amando de Miguel urged comparison of within-nation differences. This volume goes a long way toward meeting this challenge, both for
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