Femininity, Mathematics and Science, 1880-1914

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November 2009



Through the prism of gender, this text explores the contrasting cultures and practice of mathematics and science and asks how they impacted on women. Claire Jones assesses nineteenth-century ideas about women's intellect, femininity and masculinity, and assesses how these attitudes shaped women's experiences as students and practitioners.


List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Introduction The 'glamour' of a 'wrangler': Women and Mathematics at Girton College, Cambridge Women at the 'Shrine of Pure Thought' Professional or Pedestal?: Hertha Ayrton, a Woman among the Engineers Collaboration, Reputation and the Business of Mathematics The Laboratory: A Suitable Place for a Woman?: Women, Masculinity and Laboratory Culture The Mathematics of Gender: Women, Participation and the Mathematical Community Bodies of Controversy: Women and the Royal Society of London Conclusion Notes Bibliography


CLAIRE G. JONES is editor of HerStoria Magazine and an Associate Lecturer in History at the University of Liverpool, UK. In 1999 she was joint winner of the Clare Evans Prize for the best new essay in the field of women's history and gender and history.


Winner of the Women's History Network Book Prize 2010 'This excellent, thought-provoking study will deepen the understanding of all interested in gender issues and in the conflicts in science and mathematics in this period.' - Reviews in History
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