Deleuze: A Guide for the Perplexed

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Provides a text for anyone who needs to get to grips with Deleuzian thought, offering an approachable account of the central themes in his work. This text is organised around major themes in Deleuze's oeuvre: sense; univocity; intuition; singularity; and difference. His ideas related to language, politics, ethics and consciousness are explored.


Abbreviations; Introduction; Chapter One: Cinema, Thought and Time; 1.1 Deleuze's Cinema Books; 1.1.2 Technology; 1.1.3 Essences. 1.1.3 Space and time; 1.1.4 Bergson, Time and Life; Chapter 2: The Movement-Image; 2.1 The History of Time and Space and the History of Cinema; 2.2 The Movement-Image and Semiotics; 2.3 Styles of Sign; 2.4 The Whole of Movement; 2.5 Image and Life; 2.6 Becoming-Inhuman, Becoming Imperceptible; 2.7 The Deduction of the Movement-Image; 2.7.1 Firstness; 2.7.2 Affect; 2.7.3 From Movement-Image to Time-Image; Chapter Three: Art and Time; 3.1 Destruction of the sensory motor apparatus and the spiritual automaton; 3.2 Time and Money; Chapter Four: Art and History; 4.1 Monument; 4.2 Framing, Territorialisation and the Plane of Composition; Chapter Five: Politics and the Origin of Meaning; 5.1 Transcending Life and the Genesis of Sense; 5.2 Beyond Symbolic and Imaginary; 5.3 Shit and Money; 5.4 Exchange, Gift and Theft; 5.5 The Fiction of Mind; 5.6 Collective Investment and Group Fantasy; 5.7 The Time of Man; 5.8 The Intense Germinal Influx; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


Claire Colebrook is Professor of English Literature at the University of Edinburgh.

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