The Transformation of Chinese Socialism

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Juli 2006



Argues that the recent transformation in the political economy of China should not be seen as an abandonment of socialist principles, that this transformation differs markedly from the transitions in post Communist societies, and that social science needs


"With quite exceptional historical and theoretical insight, Lin Chun examines what remains of the Chinese Revolution's socialist legacy and explores the prospects for the rebirth of a new kind of Chinese socialism in the People's Republic. This very original and thought-provoking study is essential reading for those concerned about the future of China and the fate of socialism in the age of capitalist globalization." Maurice Meisner, author of Mao's China and After: A History of the People's Republic "The Transformation of Chinese Socialism is a visionary and critical reorientation for social theory. It is a great reminder of what the stakes are just now and why socialism, far from being defunct, has as much to offer governance theories and policy planners as it always has." Tani E. Barlow, author of The Question of Women in Chinese Feminism "While most people have already cast China as a capitalist country with a communist government, Lin Chun shows that there may be life in Chinese socialism yet. Combining erudition, passion, and an engaging writing style, Lin challenges a lot of conventional wisdom about China. This book should be on the shelf of everyone who has any interest in the course of the Chinese economy and society."--Meghnad Desai, author of Marx's Revenge: The Resurgence of Capitalism and the Death of Statist Socialism "The Transformation of Chinese Socialism is an important book. Lin Chun's grasp of the issues of Chinese socialism, and the serious engagement with which she presents them, easily makes the book by far the best discussion of socialism in China available in English." Arif Dirlik, The China Review "Lin Chun presents a cogent and articulate argument for a socialist model of xiaokang... Recommended." R.E. Entenmann, Choice "Lin's analysis ... of the reform era does contribute significantly to the ongoing debates and controversies about the future of China." Thomas P. Bernstein, The China Journal "This is a timely book dealing with a very important subject... It should be read by scholars in various areas of comparative study and will in no doubt shape the discussion of contemporary Chinese politics and society." Yiching Wu, The China Quarterly "Those interested in international economic development will appreciate the author's discussions in the Chinese context of such standard concepts as globalization, noncapitalist development, socialism, nationalism, developmentalism, revolution, democracy, bureaucracy, institutions, ideology and legitimacy, and socialism and markets." Donald Bowles, Perspectives on Political Science
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