Methodology for Systemic Creation of Services

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Service firms are confronted with rapid technological developments, fast changes in customer requirements, and hypercompetition, leading to exceedingly short product life cycles. That is, under rapidly changing and highly competitive circumstances, the timely design, development, and marketing of new services with creative and innovative features are essential for a company?s survival. With the development of information and communication technology (ICT) such as internet or mobile technology, the focus on New Service Creation(NSC) has been moving from offline to online services. Especially, the creation of technology-based services has been paid more and more attention to.
For above mentioned issues, this book supposes a systemic approach to analyze current technology-based services and to create new technology-based services by employing the analysis of BM patents. In other words, the purpose of this research is to guide firms to identify appropriate service areas to be entered into considering their technological competency and to create new services. The proposed approach is illustrated with a case of mobile services, one of the technology-based services.


Chulhyun Kim, Ph.D of Engineering: Studied Technology Management at Seoul National University, Researcher at KIRD(Korea Institute of R&DB Human Resources Development), Daejun, Republic of Korea.
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