An Ethnography of the Neolithic: Early Prehistoric Societies in Southern Scandinavia

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September 2003



An Ethnography of the Neolithic provides a provocative and novel reconstruction of society in Scandinavia over a period of 3,000 years. Christopher Tilley integrates a wide range of evidence, from prehistoric landscapes to the symbolic significance of axes and pots, to recreate in an accessible way the lives of the final hunter-gatherer-fishers and first farmers in Sweden and Denmark. His skillful fusion of archaeological evidence and new anthropological approaches makes this book an original contribution to a widely debated topic.


Part I. The Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic: 1. The original affluent society; 2. Axes, pots and monuments; Part II. Stone Monuments and Society in the Middle Neolithic: 3. Monument construction and social competition; 4. Settlement, tomb and landscape; 5. Death and body symbolism; 6. The social lives of artifacts; 7. Neolithic politics and a religion of the body; 8. Epilogue: working with metaphors.


'... incomparable in terms of perception and correlation.' Neil Mortimer, 3rd Stone '... what has rarely been seen before is the degree of comparative interpretation that is employed here to create a view of prehistory that hitherto has been beyond our reach.' Neil Mortimer, 3rd Stone
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