A War of Words: A Cold War Witness

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Dezember 1998



Former British political leader Christopher Mayhew gives a fascinating account of the attraction of communism during his early years at Oxford. But after a visit to the Soviet Union, he became strongly anti-communist. The book's major importance begins in the early Cold War years and shows how Britain was the first to rebut Soviet propaganda and promote Western social democracy.


Does the future work? my disillusionment with the Soviets; propaganda and the worker's paradise; the cultural Cold War; against "peace"; Stalin's foreign friends; Cold War - reflections, doubts and some regrets. Appendices: extracts of memorandum, C. Mayhew to E. Bevon, urging establishment of IRD; memorandum by the Secretary of State for foreign affairs; extracts from Circular 0121; forced labour in the Soviet Union; letter Christopher Mayhew to Mr A.A. Arutiunian, 31 October 1947.


Christopher Mayhew has written extensively on political, economic, social issues. He became a Life Peer in 1981. Lynn Smith, who recorded and edited the text, is a lecturer in interntional politics at the Open University and Webster University, USA.
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