Millionaire in 365 Days: Buy the Business You Work for Now

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Becoming a millionaire in 365 days (if you are very busy doing whatever you are doing, then give yourself another week or two), is exactly what it says, a step by step guide to becoming at least a millionaire, or multi-millionaire, emphasis added, during a one year period !!!!! The details in this book do not, and will not, describe any real estate flipping program, buying foreclosed properties, making money on the internet by selling the junk out of your garage, mail order sales, making stuff at home and selling it for big money, multi-level selling programs where you sign up thousands of people to sell cleaners and detergents or my personal (just kidding ) favorite, ads claiming that by stuffing 500 envelopes a day, you can make big money working from your kitchen table. I can help describe for you the real estate get rich quick schemes, and they can work are simply this; buy a house cheap, the worst shape in the best neighborhood possible, then spend as little money as possible fixing it up, and then sell it for as much as you can, hopefully for a profit. You can also do that in your spare time if you wish. That program, making $10,000 here and there after months of work is not going to make you a millionaire fast.

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