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The classic bestseller, now revised and updated for parents facing the challenge of the 'terrible twos'. Practical advice on all fronts from sleeping problems to toilet training with updated information on childhood eating habits, sibling rivalry and discipline. *Also appeared in June Buyer's Notes*


Dr Christopher Green is one of Britain's best-known parenting authors. For more than 20 years he has helped parents with his advice on babies, toddlers and young children. His humorous, common sense approach has preserved the sanity of many mums and dads. A paediatrician and honorary consultant to the Children's Hospital, Sydney, Dr Green's legendary sleep technique is now used worldwide. His bestselling books include Beyond Toddlerdom and Understand ADHD.


"Dr Green is nothing short of a genius...Toddlerdom is a minefield, but his common sense and unfailing good humour guided my family through unscathed - well, relatively" Independent "I would highly recommend Toddler Taming, which gives a lot of insight into why children behave and react as they do. It certainly saved my sanity" The Times "The eminently readable Dr Christopher Green, whose best-selling Toddler Taming has saved the sanity of countless parents" Evening Standard "His commonsense attitude is credited with saving the sanity of parents around the world" Express
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Untertitel: A Parents' Guide to the First Four Years. 368 Abbildungen. Sprache: Englisch.
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