Functional Equations and How to Solve Them

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November 2006



Many books have been written on the theory of functional equations, but very few help readers solve functional equations in mathematics competitions and mathematical problem solving. This book fills that gap. Each chapter includes a list of problems associated with the covered material. These vary in difficulty, with the easiest being accessible to any high school student who has read the chapter carefully. The most difficult will challenge students studying for the International Mathematical Olympiad or the Putnam Competition. An appendix provides a springboard for further investigation of the concepts of limits, infinite series and continuity.


An historical introduction.- Functional equations with two variables.- Functional equations with one variable.- Miscellaneous methods for functional equations.- Some closing heuristics.- Appendix: Hamel bases.- Hints and partial solutions to problems.


From the reviews:
"This book is devoted to functional equations of a special type, namely to those appearing in competitions ... . The book contains many solved examples and problems at the end of each chapter. ... The book has 130 pages, 5 chapters and an appendix, a Hints/Solutions section, a short bibliography and an index. ... The book will be valuable for instructors working with young gifted students in problem solving seminars." (EMS Newsletter, June, 2008)
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