Elementary Euclidean Geometry: An Introduction

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August 2012



This introduction to the geometry of lines and conics in the Euclidean plane is example-based and self-contained, assuming only a basic grounding in linear algebra. Including numerous illustrations and several hundred worked examples and exercises, the book is ideal for use as a course text for undergraduates in mathematics, or for postgraduates in the engineering and physical sciences.


1. Points and lines; 2. The Euclidean plane; 3. Circles; 4. General conics; 5. Centres of general conics; 6. Degenerate conics; 7. Axes and asymptotes; 8. Focus and directrix; 9. Tangents and normals; 10. The parabola; 11. The ellipse; 12. The hyperbola; 13. Pole and polar; 14. Congruences; 15. Classifying conics; 16. Distinguishing conics; 17. Uniqueness and invariance.


Chris Gibson received an honours degree in Mathematics from St Andrews University in 1963, and later the degrees of Drs Math and Dr Math from the University of Amsterdam, returning to England in 1967 to begin his 35 year mathematics career at the University of Liverpool. His interests turned towards the geometric areas, and he was a founder member of the Liverpool Singularities Group until his retirement in 2002 as Reader in Pure Mathematics, with over 60 published papers in that area. In 1974 he co-authored the significant 'Topological Stability of Smooth Mappings' (published by Springer Verlag) presenting the first detailed proof of Thom's Topological Stability Theorem. In addition to purely theoretical work in singularity theory, he jointly applied singular methods to specific questions about caustics arising in the physical sciences. His later interests lay largely in the applications to theoretical kinematics, and to problems arising in theoretical robotics. This interest gave rise to a substantial collaboration with Professor K. H. Hunt in the Universities of Monash and Melbourne, and produced a formal classification of screw systems. At the teaching level his major contribution was to pioneer the re-introduction of undergraduate geometry teaching. The practical experience of many years of undergraduate teaching was distilled into three undergraduate texts published by Cambridge University Press, now widely adopted internationally for undergraduate (and graduate) teaching.


'This is a nice and self-contained introduction into the geometry of the lines and the conics in the Euclidean plane within an analytical context'. Zentralblatt MATH
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