Historical Dictionary of South Africa

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This easy-to-use edition not only provides an update of the 'new' South Africa, but expands on South Africa's complicated history as well, covering the period of British domination, problems with the Boers and the British, and the peopling of the region by Africans. Mary-Lynn Suttie of the Library of the University of South Africa has revised the bibliography for this edition. A comprehensive resource that covers history, politics, the economy, society and culture, this dictionary will appeal to the librarian, scholar, and student.


Christopher Saunders, Associate Professor in History at the University of Cape Town and formerly Head of Department. Nicholas Southey is senior lecturer in the History Department of the University of South Africa, Pretoria.


It is crammed with interesting facts and hypotheses, and is a useful companion to the study of South African history...could be most useful for students of South African history... Journal Of African History ...remarkable 82-page bibliography is a boon to those looking for further reading...Many significant political figures are included for the first time, such as Charlotte Maxeke, Yusuf Dadoo, and General impressive book. Students or general readers who wish to check some detail in South Africa's complex history or who want guidance on further reading will find it immensely useful. It should sit comfortably in the reference section of any good library. African Studies Review The authors have provided a good deal of prefatory matter to guide the reader in search of a particular reference. The exhaustive chronology is exemplary...Anyone needing to find out some basic information on South Africa's political past and present will be well-served by this historical dictionary. International Journal Of African Historical Studies ...a very useful work... Australian Review Of African Studies indispensable resource to supplement the study of South African history African Studies Quarterly With all of the changes that have occurred since the publication of the 1st edition in 1983, this major work of reference and scholarship will be a must acquisition for serious collections on South African history and current affairs. American Reference Books Annual
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