Arthur Miller

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An insightful study of Arthur Miller's work.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. The Michigan plays; 2. The Golden Years, The Half-Bridge, Boro Hall Nocturne; 3. The radio plays; 4. The Man Who Had All the Luck; 5. Focus; 6. All My Sons; 7. Death of a Salesman; 8. Arthur Miller: time-traveller; 9. An Enemy of the People; 10. The Crucible; 11. A Memory of Two Mondays; 12. A View from the Bridge; 13. Tragedy; 14. The Misfits; 15. After the Fall; 16. Incident at Vichy; 17. The Price; 18. The Creation of the World and Other Business; 19. The Archbishop's Ceiling; 20. Playing for Time; 21. The shearing point; 22. The American Clock; 23. The one-act plays: Two-Way Mirror and Danger: Memory!; 24. The Ride Down Mount Morgan; 25. The Last Yankee; 26. Broken Glass; 27. Mr Peters' Connections; 28. Resurrection Blues; 29. Finishing the Picture; 30. Fiction; 31. Arthur Miller as a Jewish writer; Notes; Index.


Christopher Bigsby is Professor of American Studies at the University of East Anglia.


'Bigsby's epic study is readable, comprehensive and profound. It's not a beginner's guide, and plot summaries rapidly give way to in-depth discussion, with brief biographical links rounding off each chapter. Given the massive task, the evidence of haste in some of the writing is excusable. This book is clearly a must not only for Miller fans, but for anyone wanting to know about the post-war struggles of the engaged artist - committed both to accounting for his life, and bearing witness to history.' The Independent '... wide-ranging, indispensable study ... an in-depth account of everything Miller has written, including the voluminous variants of his work, his private papers and worknotes to which Bigsby has had access ...'. Jewish Chronicle 'A text of extraordinary thoroughness and insight. (it) is likely to remain the most sustained and penetrating examination of Miller's work for a long time to come.' Theatre History Studies '... comprehensive and very thorough.' Contemporary Review 'While there is no shortage of books about Arthur Miller out there, this new study by Christopher Bigsby is surely one of the best and most valuable to date.' MLR
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