Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL 101

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August 2004



Obtain the solid foundation you need to become an effective database programmer with this nuts-and-bolts PS/SQL book from Oracle Press. Step-by-step coverage includes storing, retrieving, and manipulating data, and a broad range of SQL and PL/SQL functions and tools. Real-life examples and hands-on projects help you see how to apply what you have learned.


<H2> PART I Database Basics<H3> 1 Introduction to Databases<H3> 2 Storing and Retrieving Data: The Basics<H3> 3 Advanced Data Manipulation<H3> 4 Controlling SQL*Plus<H2> PART II Advanced SQL<H3> 5 SQL Functions<H3> 6 Using Indexes and Constraints<H3> 7 Other Useful Oracle Techniques<H2> PART III Create Programs Using PL/SQL<H3> 8 Introduction to PL/SQL<H3> 9 More PL/SQL ToolsGlossary of Common Oracle Terms


Christopher Allen (Santa Monica, CA) has been a database professional for almost 20 ears. He is an OCP DBA and an OCP Application Developer and has worked on numerous Oracle Financials implementations. In addition, he has taught several hundred computer classes to adults, resulting in extensive experience communicating technical information in ways that are easy to absorb and easy to remember. His published works include the Oracle Certified Professional Application Developer Exam Guide (co-author, Oracle Press), Hard Disk Smarts (John Wiley Publishing), and four books on Lotus (Que). He also served as technical editor for Microsoft's DOS 5 and DOS 6 manuals. He is currently employed at Metier, an Oracle partner company that provides consulting services in the Los Angeles area.
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