Alternative Energy: Political, Economic, and Social Feasibility

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Alternative Energy systematically approaches various alternative sources of energy, discussing in layperson's terms the current state of public policy, energy technology and the political, economic, and social feasibility of the alternative energy paradigm. The goal is to help the less technically-minded become active participants in choosing the energy future for their community.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Why Alternative Energy and Fuels? Chapter 3 Studying Public Policy and Alternative Energy/Fuels Chapter 4 Overview of Alternative Energy and Fuels and Their Uses Chapter 5 Alternative Energy/Fuels as a Public Policy Innovation Chapter 6 Solar Energy Chapter 7 Wind Energy Chapter 8 Geothermal Energy Chapter 9 New Century Fuels and Their Uses Chapter 10 Historical Precedents: Alternative Energy/Fuels and Legitimacy Issues 11 Public Policy, Institutional Developments and Policy Interests 12 Practical Demonstration of the Economics of Alternative Energy Chapter 13 Conclusion: The Future of Alternative Energy


Christopher A. Simon is associate professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is the author of Public Policy: Preferences and Outcomes.


A comprehensive introduction to alternative energy sources and their political, economic, and social feasibility. The topic is important, and there is much of value in Simon's evenhanded presentation of the vulnerabilities and advantages of each source (e.g., geothermal, solar, wind). Simon has produced an accessible, accurate description of how alternative energy sources work and the obstacles to their broader adoption. His book is a significant contribution to the literature. Highly recommended. General readers; students, lower-division undergraduate and up; researchers and practitioners. CHOICE This book is packed with information on most of the major alternative energy sources. Especially useful will be the end-of-chapter summaries and the references. Controversial subjects are treated with an even hand. -- John Reynolds, University of Oregon Americans face a major challenge in the coming decades of reformulating their public policies to reflect a world in which fossil fuels are no longer plentiful, easily accessible and relatively inexpensive to prepare for market and ultimate consumption. The economics, the basic science, and the cultural and political dynamics associated with public policy reformulation in the area of alternative energy sources are indeed complex-and the challenge is appropriately framed as a 'wicked problem' by Christopher Simon in this excellent monograph. Simon should be commended for his artful framing of this issue, and for his fair and even-handed assessment of the public policy options facing citizens and policymakers alike as we struggle to assure future generations of a quality of life at least as good as that we have enjoyed during our period of stewardship over the planet's resources. I can recommend this well-informed overview of the alternative energy challenges which lie ahead for our country without reservation, and in confidence that the readers of this volume will find it at once informative and insightful. -- Nicholas P. Lovrich, Jr., Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Political Science, and director, Division of Governmental Studies and This book takes a persuasive, broad view of the coming paradigmatic shift towards a sustainable energy future. Dr. Simon views this transition as the outcome of interactions among market forces of stakeholder dynamics, values evolution and institutional redesign. -- T. R. Lakshmanan, director, Center for Transportation Studies; Professor, Department of Geography and Environment; Executive Director, Center for
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