Autocars et Autobus Berliet

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Christophe PUVILLAUD, the undisputed specialist in transport in France and of the name with the locomotive, brushes an accurate and exhaustive portrait of the whole range of public transport vehicles made by the great Lyons industrialist, in four chapters devoted to omnibuses, buses and trolley buses. From 1905 to 1979, from the first 1905 type 22 Chassis to the PER 180, the last model of trolley bus which came of the assembly lines, via the "pig's snout" and the key PR coaches and P.C.M.E. buses, it's a whole industrial adventure and a whole piece of French transport which is offered to the reader of this indispensable encyclopedia of Berliet public transport vehicles.

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Untertitel: 1905-1978. Toute la Gamme: Omnibus, Autocars, Autobus Et Trolleybus. 1200 photos. Sprache: Französisch.
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