Dam Decisions and Pipe Dreams

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Mai 2008



Dam decisions are crucial. Dams are costly and long-standing artefacts which provoke enthusiasm in some for their utilitarian benefits and hostility from others for associated environmental damage, forced human displacement and risk of financial burden. Defenders of valued landscapes become adversaries of the dam builders. Analysis of the politics of disputes over selected dams in North East England brings out issues with global implications. A variety of outcomes resulted from the interplay of motives and values of dam engineers, industrialists demanding water supply, politicians, local government officials, environmentalists and advocates for the rights of the displaced. This vivid account includes testimony from survivors of these prolonged and acrimonious battles. Dam engineers, environmentalists, water resource planners, specialists in science and technology studies, political geographers and local historians will find this book of compelling interest.


Christine S. McCulloch, B.Sc (KCL), M.Sc (LSE), DPhil.(Oxford) is a Research Associate of the Oxford University Centre for the Environment and a member of the British Dam Society.
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Untertitel: The Political Ecology of Reservoir Schemes (Teesdale, Farndale and Kielder Water) in North East England. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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