Stories, Theories and Things

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The novelist and critic Christine Brooke-Rose investigates those difficult border zones between the 'invented' and the 'real' in fiction.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I. Theories as stories: 1. Stories, theories and things; 2. Whatever happened to narratology?; 3. Is is, is id?; Part II. Stories and style: 4. A for but: Hawthorne's 'The Custom-House'; 5. Ill locutions; 6. Ill logics of irony; 7. Ill wit and sick tragedy; 8. Cheng Ming Chi'I'd; 9. Notes on the metre of Auden's The Age of Anxiety; Part III. Theories of stories: 10. Fiction, figment, feign; 11. Which way did they go? Thataways; 12. Palimpsest history; 13. Illusions of parody; 14. Illusions of anti-realism; 15. A womb of one's own?; Part IV. Things?: 16. Woman as semiotic object; 17. Illiterations; 18. Ill wit and good humour; 19. An allegory of aesthetics; References; Index.


"A distinguished work...Although Brooke-Rose compares with anybody in her mastery of every aspect of modern literary theory, and in the highly professional character of her own contributions, she always writes in a distinctively personal way. There are some remarkably fine things in this collection." Frank Kermode "What makes this an especially interesting miscellany is that it is about 'both literary theory and creativity,' offering the insights of a writer who is both a novelist and a critic...on the whole this work reveals the intelligence, erudition, and creativity of a remarkable novelist and critic." Alice Kaminsky, International Studies in Philosophy
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