Range of Motion - AO Neutral-0 Method / AO Neutral-0 Methode

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August 1999



The systematic and consistent approach to measuring range of motion through simple photos, diagrams, and animations. Features: For every joint, reference points and the neutral-0 position are defined The normal values are shown for every joint and for all complete ranges of motion Length and circumference of the extremities are indicated as well Pitfalls are emphasized with yellow boxes For every joint, a documentation protocol can be printed showing the range of motion; measurements obtained at follow-up can be included References to the literature are linked to the free Medline site of Medscape, allowing immediate and convenient access to abstracts CME: CME credit hours are available by means of filling out a questionnaire included with the product (pending approval by ACCNE, USA)


Principles of measurements The neutral-zero-method Lenth and girth measurements Measuring instruments Joint measurements Spinal column Lumbar and thoracic spine Cervical spine Shoulder and shoulder girdle Shoulder joint Shoulder girdle joints Combined movements Elbow Forearm Wrist Hand and fingers Thumb joints Finger joints Hip Knee Ankle Tarsal Subtalar joint and talocalcaneonavicular joint Forefoot joints Toe Joints of the big toe Joints of toes II-V Measurements of lenth Girth measurements Literature Forms (Templates) Index


Christian Ryf, Andreas Weymann
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