De La Mettrie's Ghost: The Story of Decisions

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September 2005



This book is about how we make choices. Drawing together evidence from 21st century chemistry to Victorian politics, enlightenment philosophy, Roman drama and beyond, it is a compelling hunt for the nature of free will.


Back to basics Memory Free Will and Free Won't Illusions of Willing Susan's Tale, Part 1 Objects in Mind More Cognitive Objects Weariness - Victorian and Modern Good Ideas Susan's Tale, Part 2 Stories and Their People Of Laws, Physics and Stories Epilogue - On Being a Story


Chris Nunn


'Meaty is one word for this dense little book. Rich and savory are others.' - Booklist '4/5: an accessible and well-written book...I urge you to read it and decide on these critical issues for yourself.' - Dr Susan Blackmore author of Conciousness, A Very Short Introduction(OUP) writing in BBC Focus Magazine 'This is an amazingly clear book about free will that points us in some interesting directions.' - Mary Midgley, Times Higher Educational Supplement 'very enjoyable - an important contribution to the dialogues on free will' - PsycCRITIQUES, American Psychological Association
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