Contemporary Tourism

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April 2006



The study of tourism and indeed the tourism industry is changing constantly. Contemporary Tourism: an international approach presents a new and refreshing approach to the study of tourism, considering issues such as the changing world order, destination marketing, tourism ethics and pro-poor tourism. In particular, it highlights the ongoing threats from terrorism and health scares faced by the tourism industry today, and discusses the related security and risk management strategies, illustrating the potential implications for the patterns and flow of tourism in the future. Divided into five sections, each chapter has a thorough learning structure including chapter objectives, examples, discussion points, self review questions, checklists and case studies. Cases will be both thematic and destination-based and always international. They will be used to emphasise the relationship between general principles and the practice of tourism looking at areas such as business and special interest tourism and the role of technology.The five sections will cover: Contemporary Tourism Systems; The Contemporary Tourist; The Contemporary Tourist Destination; Tourism Futures; Teaching and Studying Contemporary Tourism. The text will also provide an annotated, authoritative and thorough set of resources to guide the reader through the topic area including online resource sites for both students and lecturers.


Contemporary Tourism: Contemporary tourism products and markets; The contemporary tourist: Contemporary tourists, tourist behaviour and flows; Contemporary tourism marketing; The contemporary tourism destination; Delivering the contemporary tourism product - the destination; Governing the contemporary tourism product - the role of the public sector and tourism policy; Consequences of visitation at the contemporary destination; Planning and managing the contemporary destination - the sustainability agenda; Marketing the contemporary tourism destination; The contemporary tourism industry: Supplying the contemporary tourism product - the tourism industry; Supplying the contemporary tourism product - the attractions sector; Supporting the contemporary tourism product - hospitality; Supplying the contemporary tourism product - the transport sector; Facilitating the contemporary tourism product - intermediaries; Tourism futures: Tourism in the twenty first century - contemporary tourism in an uncertain world; Teaching and studying contemporary tourism; Index
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