Playing the Game: Inside Athletic Recruiting in the Ivy League

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Mai 2004



This inside look at the athletic recruiting process reveals exactly how the athletic recruiting game is played by coaches, prospects, parents, administrators, admissions officers, and even college presidents in the Ivy League and NESCAC. This book tells how Trinity College became better than Harvard, Princeton, and Yale in squash by recruiting around the world to capture the national title; why a Brown lacrosse coach left the Ivy League recruiting rat race to seek a more sane lifestyle at Bates; and how the admission deans at Princeton, Brown, and Dartmouth view the whole athletic recruiting process. A compelling combination of profiles, stories, and excerpts of interviews reveals why Ivy League coaches have to work so much harder than their Division I peers to identify qualified student athletes.


Chris Lincoln is a former recruited college athlete who passed up a full soccer scholarship to the University of New Hampshire to play soccer and hockey at Middlebury College. He lives in Thetford, Vermont. Jay Fiedler is a starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. He lives in Miami, Florida.


"A fun read for anyone interested in the inner workings of college sports, and a must read for anyone interested in being an Ivy League athlete." --"The Nashua Telegraph"
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