Breaking Clays

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September 2005



A book to transform the performance of all clay shooters Proven tournament techniques Written by one of the world's leading instructors "Breaking Clays" is a comprehensive and practical book that presents in- depth advice and instruction for shooters of all disciplines. Beginning with the basics and advancing to proven tournament techniques, the book is packed with invaluable tips on how to break more clays in your chosen game. Chris Batha has worked with some of the top competitors and shooting coaches in the world today. While every top shot has his own approach to shooting and teaching, Chris recognizes that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. This clear and concise book offers a distillation of the best tips and techniques that really work to improve your scores and give you the knowledge to develop to your full shooting potential.


Chris Batha is the senior instructor and Gunfitter for London Gunmakers E.J. Churchill. He has over thirty years' wing and clay shooting experience and a life long passion for fine guns. Chris is one of the highest qualified and most experienced shooting instructors in the world today. He has written extensively on all aspects of shooting techniques as well as shotguns and their use. His articles have appeared in many magazines and publications both in Europe and the United States. He is a former director and senior instructor of the British Clay Pigeon Shooting Association. Chris derives great pleasure from his membership in the worshipful company of Gunmakers and the institute of clay shooting instructors and the coveted 100 straight club. The list of companies that he has represented reads like a who's who of the London gun trade.
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