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Praise for Mobile Advertising
"This is a remarkably insightful book, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who needs to really understand the role of the mobile platform in advertising."
-Ron Elgin, Chairman and CEO, DDB Worldwide Communications Group
"The authors of this book have prepared a blueprint to exploit the global opportunity of mobile advertising. The book is practical, clearly written, and very detailed."
-Dr. Young-Chu Cho, President and CEO, KTF, and board member, GSM Association
"Very rarely do books like this offer equal value to both advertising buyers and sellers, but Mobile Advertising is a wonderful primer on the mobile landscape and advertising opportunity from both perspectives. Its completeness and clarity makes it an essential resource for any company or person looking to help pioneer or participate in this emerging category."
-Chamath Palihapitiya, Vice President, Facebook
"As mobile emerges as the last true individual 'channel,' understanding where the marketer fits will be critical... Mobile Advertising gives us a map of this powerful emerging platform."
-Larry Weber, Chairman, W2 Group, and author of Marketing to the Social Web
"If you believe the future is wireless, then this book is a guide to that future. Simple, fact-filled, and astute."
-Om Malik, founder, GigaOM
"Today's youth spends more than fifteen hours per day with their phones. One can imagine what a tremendous business opportunity mobile advertising is. The authors of this book explore the critical aspects of this opportunity with analytic rigor, in-depth analysis, and practical insights. I strongly recommend it for anyone involved in the mobile and advertising industries."
-Dr. Yasuhisa Nakamura, Executive Director, NTT DoCoMo, and coauthor of Wireless Data Services


In Gratitude.
About the Authors.
1. A Brief History of Advertising.
2. A Digital Revolution.
3. A Five-Points Framework.
4. Introduction to Mobile Advertising.
5. Challenges and Accelerators for Mobile Advertising.
6. Mobile Advertising Models.
7. Case Studies from Around the World.
8. Technology-The Lifeblood of Digital Advertising.
9. What Comes Next?
10. Conclusion and Recommendations.


Chetan Sharma is President of Chetan Sharma Consulting and a leading strategist and advisor to influential technology and media brands worldwide. He is also the author or coauthor of four other books including Wireless Internet Enterprise Applications and VoiceXML, from Wiley.
Joe Herzog is Senior Director of Search Products at InfoSpace, Inc., a leading metasearch company. He has also led mobile platform product and local search teams at InfoSpace.
Victor Melfi is Chief Strategy Officer at Voicebox Technologies and a recognized expert in technology strategy, direct marketing, and advertising.
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