Islamic Historiography

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Chase Robinson's book is a timely introduction to Islamic historiography, from its origins in the seventh and eighth centuries to the fifteenth century. It covers the rise of the tradition, the historians' principal genres, assumptions and methods, and stresses the social and political functions of historical writing. It is an authoritative guide for students with little or no background in Islamic history or Arabic.


List of plates; List of maps; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Glossary; Chronology I: the historians of the formative period; Chronology II: the historians of the classical period; Preface; Part I. Origins and Categories: 1. Origins; 2. The emergence of genre; 3. Consequences and models; 4. Three categories: biography, prosopography, chronography; Part II. Contexts: 5. Historiography and traditionalism; 6. Historiography and society; 7. God and models of history; 8. Historians and the truth; Part III. How Historians Worked: 9. Vocations and professions; 10. Writing history; Conclusion; Suggestions for further reading; Bibliography; Index.


Chase F. Robinson is University Lecturer in Islamic History at the University of Oxford. His publications include Empire and Elites after the Muslim Conquest: The Transformation of Northern Mesopotamia (2000).


'He is to be commended for the outstanding effort he has invested and the solid scholarship he exhibits in this work, which earns his Islamic Historiography a place beside distinguished recent studies on the subject ... Robinson's notes are exceptionally informative, and offer a rich guide to further specialized readings on a wide range of topics not at all restricted to Islam. It makes an outstanding textbook for students of Islamic studies, at both undergraduate and graduate levels.' Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
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