Evil and the Augustinian Tradition

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This book focuses on Christian interpretations of evil, beginning with Augustine and culminating in Niebuhr.


Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Introduction: reaching disagreement; Part I. Preliminaries: Evil and the Augustinian Tradition: 1. Modernity and evil; 2. The Augustinian tradition and its discontents; Part II. Genealogy: Remembering the Augustinian Tradition: 3. Sin as perversion: Reinhold Niebuhr's Augustinian psychology; 4. Evil as privation: Hannah Arendt's Augustinian ontology; Part III. The Challenge of the Augustinian Tradition to Evil: 5. Demythologising evil; Conclusion: realising incomprehension, discerning mystery; Works cited; Index.


Charles T. Mathewes is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, where he teaches theology, ethics, and religion and culture. He has published in The Journal of Religious Ethics, Modern Theology, The Journal of Religion, Anglican Theological Review and The Hedgehog Review.


'This sort of book is very much to be welcomed ... an engaging book, from which much can be learned.' Theology '... I plan to re-read it soon, so full is it of lively wisdom and insight about material I thought I knew well already.' Church Times 'In a sensitive, creative and beautifully written account of augustine ... Matthewes presents an account of evil that is in part metaphysical (supra-personal), but conceived more as energy than substance ...' Church Times 'While constantly demonstrating the author's impressive erudition and capacity for complex argumentation, this eloquent treatise never loses its readability. Whether or not they ultimately accept the book's persuasive argument, readers will find their thought productively stimulated by this rich volume.' Reviews in Religion and Theology
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