The Reckoning

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Oktober 2002



A revised and updated investigation into the death of playwright Christopher Marlowe in 1593. "A book full of wit, scholarship and ingenuity" Colm Toibin.


Charles Nicholl has written two travel books, The Fruit Palace and Borderlines; a study of Elizabethan alchemy, The Chemical Theatre, and a biography of the pamphleteer Thomas Nashe, A Cup of News. He has also written a reconstruction of Sir Walter Ralegh's search for El Dorado, The Creature in the Map, and Somebody Else, which won the 1998 Hawthornden Prize. His work has appeared in Granta, Rolling Stone and the Independent.


"An absorbing detective story with many twists and dark secrets. It is a passionate tale that haunts the imagination" -- Michael Sheldon Daily Telegraph, Books of the Year "Remarkable...for the first time reveals the true mystery of his death... Extraordinary" The Times "A book full of wit, scholarship and ingenuity... Extraordinary" -- Colm Toibin Irish Times "A remarkable academic thriller, a brilliant recontruction" -- Michael Coveney Observer "This book blows open the world of Elizabethan espionage, and presents the most comprehensive case yet for disbelieving the official inquest" Independent
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Untertitel: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe. illustrations, facsimiles, map, portraits. Sprache: Englisch.
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