An Introduction to Epistemology

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An introduction to the fundamental problems and issues of epistemology. The book takes the reader through a discussion of the basis of human knowledge in sense-perception and the accuracy of sense-perception in conveying knowledge of the external world.


Introduction. Part I: Sense Awareness: 1. The Original Understanding. 2. Sense Awareness and Direct Realism. 3. Representative Realism. 4. Sound. 5. Visual Sense Awareness. Part II: Appearance and Reality: 6. Primary and Secondary Qualities. 7. Color. 8. Color Skepticism. 9. Observation and Acquaintance. 10. Images. 11. The Evidence of the Senses. Part III: Skepticism: 12. Skepticism with Regard to the Senses. 13. Realism and Skepticism. 14. Realism and Idealism. 15. Idealism and Constructivism. 16. Idealism and Causal Relations. 17. A Proof of the External World. 18. Conceptual Frameworks and Material Objects. 19. Knowledge of the External World. 20. Doubts about the Method of Doubt. Part IV: Self-Knowledge: 21. Beyond Sensitive Knowledge. 22. The Cogito and the Problem of Self-Knowledge. 23. The Disappearance of the Self. 24. Reflection. 25. Mental Content. 26. Propositional Attitudes. 27. Privileged Access. 28. Abstract Objects and Mental Content. 29. Conceptual Representation. Part V: Beyond Basic Belief: 30. The Reliability of Basic Beliefs. 31. Derived Belief. 32. Truth. 33. Evidence and Inductive Skepticism. 34. The Rationale of Induction. 35. Observation and Transcendent Inference. 36. Scientific Realism. 37. The Grounds of Anti-Realism. 38. Pragmatism and Realism. Part VI: A Priori Knowledge: 39. Intuitive Knowledge. 40. Trifling, or Analytic, Propositions. 41. Instructive, or Synthetic, Propositions. 42. Logic and Analyticity. 43. Ontology and the A Priori. 44. Skepticism about Meaning. 45. Over Minds. Part VII: Epistemology: 46. Epistemology. 47. The Ethics of Belief. Notes. Bibliography. Index.


Charles Landesman is Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College and The Graduate School of the City University of New York. Previous titles by the author include "Discourse and its Presuppositions" (1972), "Colour and Consciousness" (1989), and "The Eye and the Mind" (1993).


"The book is written in a delightfully clear and incisive style. It is accessible without being superficial. The coverage of topics is comprehensive, well organised and well balanced ... I would certainly want to use this book as a main text in introductory epistemology courses." Professor E J Lowe, University of Durham "Philosophical intelligence, historical erudition, interpretational sensitivity, and pedagogical insight all come together in this excellent, historically informed introduction to the central issues of epistemology. Altogether a great success!" Ernest Sosa, Brown University
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