The Haunted House

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Compiled by Charles Dickens, and counting Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie Collins among its contributors, this rediscovered work is an ingenious collaborative tale of the supernatural with indelible touches of pure Dickensian comedy. When the narrator spies a deserted house from his railway carriage, he determines to take up residence. But local legend has it that this is a haunted house, and no servant will dare enter employment. Refusing to be thwarted, he instead invites a number of acquaintances to join him, commissioning each with the task of routing out any supernatural inhabitants. As they gather together on twelfth night, each recounts his version of the ghostly activities.


Charles Dickens (1812 - 70) is one of England's most important literary figures. His works enjoyed enormous success in his day and are still regarded as among the most popular and widely read classics of all time.


'The Haunted House is of the utmost significance for anyone interested in exploring the genius of Charles Dickens' Peter Ackroyd
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