Geography for Dummies

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Features key insights, easy-to-read maps, and cool facts Expand your understanding of geography and today' s world Mystified by Mercator projections? Mixed up by map symbols? Relax! This fun and easy guide will change your attitude toward longitude and latitude. Professor Charles Heatwole explains geography basics and helps you understand the surrounding world, from physical features and political divisions to climate, population, culture, and economics. The Dummies Way Explanations in plain English ' Get in, get out' information Icons and other navigational aids Tear-out cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humor and fun Get smart! Find listings of all our books Create your own personalized book with Hungry Minds a la Carte™ Sign up for daily eTips at


Introduction; Part I: Getting Grounded: The Geographic Basics; Chapter 1: Geography: Understanding a World of Difference; Chapter 2: Thinking Like a Geographer; Chapter 3: Grid and Bear It; Chapter 4: Maps That Lie Flat Lie!; Chapter 5: Getting the Message of Maps; Part II: Getting Physical: Land, Water, and Air; Chapter 6: Taking Shape: The Land We Live On; Chapter 7: Giving Earth a Facelift; Chapter 8: Water, Water Everywhere; Chapter 9: Warming Up and Chilling Out: Why Climates Happen; Chapter 10: From Rainforests to Ice Caps: The Geography of Climates; Part III: Peopling the Planet; Chapter 11: Nobody Here but Us Six Billion; Chapter 12: Shift Happens: Migration; Chapter 13: Culture: The Spice of Life and Place; Chapter 14: Where Do You Draw the Line?; Part IV: Putting the Planet to Use; Chapter 15: Getting Down to Business; Chapter 16: An Appetite for Resources; Chapter 17: CBD to Suburbia: Urban Geography; Chapter 18: Impacts on the Environment; Part V: The Part of Tens; Chapter 19: Ten Organizations for Geographic Information; Chapter 20: Ten Interesting Geographical Occupations; Chapter 21: Ten Things You Can Forget; Chapter 22: Ten Great Geographical Web Sites; Index; Book Registration Information.


Charles A. Heatwole, PhD, is Chairperson of the Department of Geography at Hunter College of CUNY and has taught Geography for 25 years.
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