Civil-Military Relations on the Frontier and Beyond, 1865-1917

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Juni 2006



Examining the development of civil-military relations from the end of the Civil War until the start of the First World War, this volume demonstrates how the tradition of civilian control ensured the military's transformation from a small, poorly funded force to a larger, prestigious international power.


CHARLES A. BYLER is Associate Professor of History at Carroll College.


"Studies of peacetime military history seem to center around the dichotomy of a wartime force dealing with peacetime existence, and Byler's book is no exception. His thorough examination of the post-Civil War military centers on the opposite demands and desires of the US military and those charged with its political oversight. Byler does an excellent job of summarizing the bewildering variety of tasks that Congress thrust upon the military after the Civil War, while also detailing the mutually suspicious relationship between the military and that same Congress. He describes a military that existed in an uncertain environment. On one hand, Congress and the president considered the military necessary to defend against enemies, both foreign and domestic; on the other hand, they stymied the professional development that kept the military viable in a rapidly changing world. Added to this was an officer class that increasingly felt justified in resisting political controls, battling a Congress holding the traditional belief that the officer class represented an elite threat to democracy. Although brief (161 pages of text), Byler's work provides an outstanding history of the civil-military relationship. Highly recommended. All academic levels/libraries." - Choice
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