Managing with Integrity: Insights from America's Ceos

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Mai 1991



Based on interviews with 125 chief executive officers, this work aims to inspire managers to examine ethical standards they hold for themselves and for others. The author looks at values such as fair play, honesty, hard work and kindness in search of a practical, moral philosophy for business.


?Watson explores the relationship between ethics and profits in American businesses. From interviews with 125 CEOs, the author develops the thesis that profitability and "doing what is right" form the nucleus of the contemporary business model. The work is filled with quotations, anecdotes, and examples of the daily conflicts that business executives face in trying to make business decisions that are ethical. Watson's study suggests that American business leaders do act with integrity. The volume is both enticing and refreshing, so much so that its organization and style tend to make the reader forget the less favorable (ethical) decisions made by these same businesses and their leaders. If, as the foreword suggests, the purpose of the volume is to inspire readers, then the presentation is a success, serving as much to proselytize as to report. Despite this limitation, this book belongs in every library as a model of the practices of the majority of today's businesses, and as a positive balance to much current literature critical of US business management. A subject index, name and company index, list of business leaders interviewed, bibliography, and notes. College and public library collections.?-Choice
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