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November 2011



The dissertation is on employees' organisational commitment (OC), organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and immediate superior's perceived job performance (JP). It also discusses if OC, the mediator between OCB and JP. The respondents were the academic and non-academic executives from SEGi University College. The Meyer and Allen's (1997) OC Questionnaire, Podsakoff's (1990) OCB Questionnaire and Performance Appraisal 2008 were used. Data were analysed using the SPSS. The reliability scales of the instruments used were satisfactory. The tests of correlation, multiple regression and SOBEL were then performed. The results indicated that there was a positive connection between OC and OCB. But, there was no connection between OC and JP. The OCB was found to be positively related to the JP. It is also evident that the OC was not the mediator between OCB and JP. From the focus group discussion, it was found that other contributing factors to the executives' JP were the performance-based rewards system, a clear and unambiguous communication system, esprit de corps and good rapport inter-departmentally, a proper staff development plan and the relationship with their immediate superiors


The author holds a Master of Management, University of Malaya MY. She has an extensive management experience in Malaysian private higher learning institutions developed over 8 years. She is also authorised to conduct internal quality audits. She is currently the Deputy Editor, SEGi Review and Head, Examinations Department at SEGi University College
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