Climate Change Policy

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There is increasing scientific evidence to suggest that humans are gradually but certainly changing the Earth's climate. In an effort to prevent further damage to the fragile atmosphere, and with the belief that action is required now, the scientific community has been prolific in its dissemination of information on climate change. Inspired by the results of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Second Assessment Report, Jepma and Munasinghe set out to create a concise, practical and compelling approach to climate change issues. They deftly explain the implications of global warming, and the risks involved in attempting to mitigate climate change. They look at how and where to start action, and what organization is needed to be able to implement the changes. This book represents a much needed synopsis of climate change and its real impacts on society. It will be an essential text for climate change researchers, policy analysts, university students studying the environment, and anyone with an interest in climate change issues.


1. Scope and implications of climate change; 2. Methodological and conceptual issues; 3. Decisionmaking framework; 4. Decision criteria and tools; 5. Greenhouse damage and adaptation; 6. Assessment of technology options; 7. Costs of implementation; 8. Summary of conclusions.


' ... a serious and valuable study that spans a wide range of disciplines, from the atmospheric science of the greenhouse effect to the economics of cost-benefit analysis and the deep undergrowth of decision-taking frameworks ... this book is a worthy, valuable effort at synthesising the policy debate.' Fred Pearce, The Times Higher Education Supplement 'For the serious student of specific aspects of the climate change issue, this volume does not replace the detailed analysis and assessment available in the IPCC volumes. It should, however, serve as an invaluable companion volume to provide a context for particular aspects of the issue. The world-wide policy, natural sciences and social sciences communities owe a debt of gratitude to the authors for providing this essential overview and context. For the interested general reader, this volume will be a valuable and authoritative place to start exploring the many complexities of the issues surrounding human impacts on global climate systems.' James P. Bruce, Hoesung Lee, IPCC 'Given the erudite treatment of the subject matter, and the clarity and economy of its presentation , I have no doubt that this book will be a valuable addition to the bookshelves of climate change scientists, policy-makers and university students alike.' Clive Pierce, Weather '... this well-written synthesis volume by Professors Jepma and Munasinghe ... is most welcome. They are both eminently qualified to write on the subject ... and the book ... is lucid, stimulating and up-to-date ... The authors have confirmed their reputation as leading authorities on climate change policy, by producing a concise, balanced and highly readable volume.' Bert Bolin, Robert Watson, IPCC 'The book is interesting and worth being read by dicision- and policy-makers, environmental scientists and managers and students.' World Meteorological Organization Bulletin
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