Real Life in Castro's Cuba

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November 1999



This new book provides a first-hand, grassroots look at life in Cuba, including very vivid descriptions of its people and places. Real Life in Castro's Cuba illuminates the human face of Cuba, which over the years has largely been hidden in the shad


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 Introduction Part 3 I The Cuban Reality Chapter 4 Loyalty to the Revolution Chapter 5 No Es Fsscil: Food and Daily Life Chapter 6 Hay Que Resolver: Working for Pesos and Dollars Chapter 7 Varadero: Life for Tourists Chapter 8 Triumphs of the Revolution: Health Care and Education Chapter 9 Civil Society Chapter 10 Why Don't They Rise Up? Chapter 11 Good Intentions Chapter 12 America! Chapter 13 Migration Chapter 14 The Migration Accords Chapter 15 News and Information Chapter 16 The Opposition, Concilio Cubano, and February 24 Chapter 17 The Fifth Party Plenum: Requiem for Hope Chapter 18 Reminiscing Part 19 II The Cuban Spirit Chapter 20 Soy Cuba: I am Cuba Chapter 21 Spirit and Soul Chapter 22 Caridad del Cobre Chapter 23 Index


Catherine Moses is assistant professor of government and sociology at Georgia College and State University.


An excellent, detailed account of daily life in the deteriorating communist country. Publishers Weekly Especially timely in light of the Elian Gonzales affair, a former U.S. spokesperson in Havana conveys her impression of the strong spirit of Cuban citizens given the contradictory realities of the Revolution. Reference and Research Book News We readers are the beneficiaries of Moses's deep understanding of the Cuban people and the political, economic, and social transformation they are carrying out against the will of their government. -- Richard A. Nuccio, President Clinton's special advisor for Cuba from 1995?1996 Catherine Moses clearly put her two years as 'Our Woman in Havana' to good use, developing a solid understanding of Cuba's faded dreams of a socialist utopia and gathering wonderfully human anecdotes about daily life. -- Juan O. Tamayo, Latin American correspondent, The Miami Herald A heartfelt account of the daunting trials that confront the Cuban people, written with passion and affection. -- Ann Louise Bardach, contributing editor, Vanity Fair An unusually insightful, and brutally candid book. Moses offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at a turning point in the history of Cuba. Her intellectual honesty, her engaging humor, and her deep love for Cuba and the Cubans ooze from every page. It is a bittersweet account that captures graphically the haunting surrealism of the Cuban existence. -- Franklin W. Knight, Johns Hopkins University Beautifully written, evocative and lyrical at the same time that it is chock full of information and local texture. -- Stanley Fish, University of Illinois at Chicago
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