Schools, Neighborhoods, and Violence: Crime Within the Daily Routines of Youth

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Neighborhoods, Schools, and Violence furthers the evolution of the merger of social disorganization theories and opportunity theories in explaining the crime potential of place, particularly in Prince George's County, Maryland. Author Caterina Roman cogently utilizes the criminal opportunity framework to examine the influence of schools on neighborhood variations in the rates of violence.


1 Chapter I: Introduction 2 Chapter II: Theoretical Foundation 3 Chapter III: Hypotheses and Data 4 Chapter IV: Analytical Strategy 5 Chapter V: Research Findings 6 Chapter VI: Discussion and Conclusion


Caterina G. Roman is Principal Investigator in the Justice Department of The Urban Institute.


Schools, Neighborhoods and Violence is that rare product of excellent theory, insightful evidence, and methodological sophistication combined by a flowing and accessible writing style. Gouvis Roman's book should be required reading among academics, students, practitioners and policy-makers in the fields of crime analysis and crime control, the geography of crime, and criminology. -- Graham Farrell, Midlands Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, Loughborough University This book provides a thorough analysis of important theoretical concepts surrounding social disorganization, opportunity, and place. Dr. Gouvis Roman's focus on schools and use of innovative statistical techniques contribute significantly to our understanding of crime and the environment in which it occurs. -- Rachel Boba, Florida Atlantic University
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