The Complete Potter: Porcelain

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September 1994



Porcelain is an intriguing material: it appears very fragile, yet it is stronger than all the other clays. In The Complete Potter: Porcelain, Caroline Whyman offers a practical introduction to every aspect of handling and firing this unique clay to produce satisfying results. The author begins with a brief history of porcelain, from its beginnings in China to its place in the pottery industry today. She discusses in detail its properties and the ways in which it can be prepared, stored, and reclaimed. Each chapter covers particular aspects, from basic handling and throwing procedures to the various methods of handbuilding and modeling. Molds and decoration are also discussed, complete with advice on the suitability and timing of different techniques. Other topics covered include kiln packing and firing, and the coloring, mixing, and application of glazes, slips, lusters, and enamels. Illustrated throughout with finished work and step-by-step photographs, this book will guide the potter through all the processes involved in creating successful porcelain pottery.


Caroline Whyman was formerly a tutor in ceramics and is now an associate lecturer for Wandsworth Adult College and a professional potter.


"A practical introduction to every aspect of handling and firing this unique clay. Discusses preparation, storage, and reclamation, and techniques for handbuilding and modeling, molding, and decoration."-Book News, Inc.
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